The b(ack)log

pi in a box

Yes, of course I’m talking about the raspberry pi! When I received my pi the first thing that I decided to do with it was to put it back in a box. But not its original box, a new and improved box that would allow me to use it!

So I got out a cutting board, a carpet knife and an old cereal box. Here is what happened:


Not yet folded


Folded, closed with some pi inside!

I made one mistake in my original box – I forgot to add a hole for the power adaptor.

Although this box works without any glue, it doesn’t work that well. For my next pibox, I’m thinking of a way of keeping everything together without any glue! I didn’t originally plan to go all hippie with the recycled material and the gluelessness, but the idea grew on my as I proceeded!