The b(ack)log

This year I will learn stuff!!

So, the year is 2013 and it will be remembered as the year I started dabbling with physical bits of tech! Things like this, this and this!

I want to learn the basics of electronics and some manufacturing techniques like mold making, casting, etc.

How I will learn

While I love reading and will probably read up a lot on the things mentioned above, I plan to learn mainly by doing. Doing short focused projects with tangible output. Some of the current ideas that I have are making a pinball machine, making a 3D scanner and making a wind driven marble machine!

I plan on using the internet a lot and open education resources as far as possible (I have one or two college textbooks lying around)! I also hope to get some advise from people that knows a lot about the things I want to learn.

I also intend to tell people what I’m busy with and what I have learned from completing a project and hopefully getting some constructive feedback.

Why am I telling you this, publicly, on the internet!?

Well, two reasons actually. One – I tend to struggle with follow through and saying this publicly gives me a little more incentive to get serious about it :)

And two, learning is way too important to rely on other people to map out what you learn. Education is something that you should do yourself. You know what you like, you know what you want to achieve and you know how, when and where you learn best. And if you don’t know these things the solution is to find out, not to hand your education over to a government, university, company or even worse – no one!

Go forth and hack your own education!