The b(ack)log

Some old ideas

Got these in an old google doc. Approximate date is around 2009/2010. In the spirit of believing that ideas don’t belong to anyone, I’m sharing them! Here follows what I found:

This is a list of simple ideas each having a short description:

  1. Wikipedia does not allow articles that constitutes new work/knowledge. The idea would be to create a space/(wiki) where new knowledge and research can be done/published
  2. Create on online programming tutorial with the best examples and exercises around
  3. Combine UML and Ruby
  4. Online collaborative mind mapping software
  5. Online program submission and grading system
  6. Verifiable date for a document using a 3rd party and encryption
  7. Afrikaanse speletjies: Piet-Jan se plaas, Groot wild jagter, Sokker2010
  8. Song rotation on removable player (useful for smaller MP3 players)
  9. Learning Linux: Small courses teaching anyone (not only sysadmins) about using linux
  10. Website for submitting and reviewing procedurally generated textures
  11. Tag based view of data items
  12. Website for logging fuel consumption and mileage (online log book)
  13. Flight watch – for flying cheap!
  14. Graft. Mobile app to help me with productivity
  15. Coolog. Cooking log book to help me remember and improve my cooking