The b(ack)log

Otter Hiking trail

I did the Otter hiking trail in Nature’s Valley during December 2011. It is one of South Africa’s best hiking trails, covering 42km of unspoiled coast. Getting a reservation is not easy, but more than worth it!

Whats cooking?

We teamed up with two other hikers (my sister in law and one of her colleagues) to make food. Mmm…

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Breakfast Bacon and eggs Yogi Sip and muesli Oast so Easy Yogi Sip and muesli Oast so Easy
Lunch Cold meat and bunnies Smoked chicken andpasta salad Tuc biscuits and Tuna Droe wors and ?? Tuc biscuits and tuna
Dinner Steak and veggies Cous cous and smoked chicken Biltong and pasta Pasta with Tuna
Dried fruit and custard


As with most multi day hikes, you have to carry all your food, snacks, clothes, sleeping bag and other equipment with you. Here is a quick check list of things you may want to remember:

When packing your backpack, make sure that the weight does not exceed 1/3rd of your body weight. 1/3rd is actually quite a lot, so aim a little lower. To reduce weight, make sure to buy products that doesn’t come in tins and try to take food with a high energy to weight ratio. Also, don’t pack too many extras just for in case!

The route

You can get a map of the route at the starting point of the trail, but some outdoor shops sell other (better) maps. If possible, try to get this map beforehand. It is also useful taking a review of the trail with you as this will help you to plan every day and pick the best spot for lunch!